Responsive patient care

Our revolutionary BEAMS unit provides healthcare facilities with the ability to improve response times and provide consistent high levels of patient care. Connecting the demand of a modern healthcare provider with that of traditional patient care, this intelligent listening device monitors alarm sounds from all healthcare equipment - including syringe pumps, blood pressure monitors and heart rate monitors – and alerts the duty nurse that a patient is in need of attention.

How does BEAMS work?

The Bedside Equipment Alarm Management system is a mains-operated acoustic listening device that can identify medical alarms and alert the relevant persons that a patient requires attention. This intelligent device filters and blocks out background noise by analysing and identifying sounds in the room and comparing them to a bank of known alarm sounds. The unit is suitable to install within any hospital room and will not disturb patients or staff with unnecessary sounds and alerts. BEAMS has a default delay of 40 seconds prior to alerting the duty nurse to minimise alarm fatigue, this can be tailored to suit your specific healthcare practice.


With the NHS advising that hospitals should have 50-100% single-bed rooms, the demand for effective monitoring systems is continuing to escalate. The Bedside Equipment Alarm Monitoring System has been developed in response to this demand. Unlike certain monitoring systems, BEAMS can identify ambient and irrelevant background sounds in a patient’s room, alerting nurses only when a recognisable medical alarm is triggered indicating patient distress.


  • Improve nurse response time

  • Improve patient outcome

  • Improve nurse efficiency

  • Improve bed utilisation

  • Improve patient experience

  • Reduce risk of missed alarms

Clinical Trial

Download the complete results of the clinical trial to see how BEAMS is helping connect patients and nurses.

Free Trial

To arrange a free trial of BEAMS at your healthcare facility, please contact us today on +44 (0) 1246 819 100 or email us on

“As we plan for our move into the new wards later in the year, BEAMS will give the assurance and support to both the nursing staff and families that their care and safety is a priority to us. Patients and parents will know that if an alarm is sounding their nurse will respond, particularly when they do not feel able to call the nurse themselves.”

Susan Levers, Sheffield Children’s Hospital Clinical Nurse Matron

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